Wildland / Urban Interface

These areas exist where homes and businesses are built among trees and other combustible vegetation.  Populations are increasing in these areas because of the natural beauty and relaxed lifstyle.  Many who live in these areas are unaware of the fire danger and possible consequences of a wild fire. They may feel protection from a wildfire is the responsibility of their local agencies. Others may be concerned, but unaware of how they can help. 


To reduce the risk of wildfires in our community, we must all be aware of the potential risk of an interface fire and share the responsibility to find practical solutions.


 Sundre and Slave Lake are quit similar in their landscape having many treed areas in and around the community.  For those unaware, Slave Lake was destroyed by Wildfire in May 2011. A horrible receipe of wildfire, winds and wind directions devastated the town over 2 days.  




Slave Lake