2017 Chipping Program

In an effort to move Sundre towards a FireSmart Community, the Fire Department would like to initiate a "clean-up" program to assist you in becoming a FireSmart homeowner.

Arrangements have been made to have your local firefighters bring a chipper unit to your area to help dispose of tree/shrub clippings and other foilage;  you just have to bring it roadside.    We will also be happy to offer you tips or advice on other FireSmart initiatives for your home and yard.   We also encourage you to view the helpful information contained within this website.  

In order for this FIRESMART chipping program to work, we need YOUR help!  We need as many residents as possible to commit to doing your part to work towards a FireSmart Community.  If you are a willing and able to participate, please contact us with your information.  You can do this by using the "contact us" tab above, or by calling 403-638-4044 and providing your name, address and phone number and any additional comments you may have.  The area with the most residents participating will be the area to first be addressed.  So, rally your neighbours and make your area the first to be FireSmart !!!!